The Company

Asia Engineering & Outsourcing Pte Ltd is a Singapore based company established in early 2007, started by young entrepreneurs with an objective to serve & provide Solution for Engineering needs towards local demands for CNC machining with many years of experience in Engineering field specializing in manufacturing and customized metal fabrication for Industries such as Oil & Gas, Marine Aerospace, Automation, Automotive, Manufacturing and Semi-Conductor/Electronics and all kind type of High pressure fittings, fabrication, Pipe works.

With the rapid growth of industrialization in Indian sub-continent and to capitalize the potential, Asia Engineering & Outsourcing Pte Ltd expanded their operation by setting up a manufacturing unit in Chennai, India during 2013.

We have a strong commitment to engineering, research and product development with 20 years’ experience designing downhole tools for the oil & gas industry. Our commitment is to support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value which gives them the competitive advantage in their markets.

Asia Engineering & Outsourcing Pte Ltd has the most advanced Computer numerical controlled turning & machining centres available with highly trained machinists who take pride in producing quality products. These parts are machined on CNC turning & machining centres to assure precise tolerance and reliability.

Asia Engineering & Outsourcing Pte Ltd commitment: To provide quality products through highly skilled and dedicated employees using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. To pursue an aggressive, ongoing research and development program, thus ensuring its future as a leader in downhole service and completion tools for the oil & gas industry. To provide the highest standards of service available through our highly trained, domestic and international field representatives and customer service personnel & AEO employees.



The ASIA E & O of Companies will provide the highest-quality end products to our customers, while striving to make them the leaders in their respective industries. To guarantee our continued success we will achieve a reasonable profit, continue to be the leader in our industry through individual and combined dedication, innovation, and integrity. We will give our employees the opportunity for both personal and professional growth.



To become the global supplier/provider of choice who provide the quality products and services preferred by our customers.


  • Customer Service and Support
  • Continued Quality Improvements
  • Customization Services
  • Competitive prices quality products and services.

Our Strengths

Timely Delivery

Our meticulous planning and execution ensure timely delivery to our clients and also achieve our goals.

Precision Engineering

Our emphasis on niche products have helped us establish as the premier service provider in precision machinery industry

Quality Products

We constantly improve our customer retention by building brand trust and boost ROI by focusing on product quality

Certified Systems

Our comprehensive range of auditing and certification services ensure the industry standards and our achievement of ISO9001